Your Life Does Not Need to be Low Energy

Today I was talking to a client, and she was saying that she is not sleeping well because she just did not feel she had enough energy to do anything. She worked but her focus was a little off. She had found that the only thing that she did for herself was to watch...

Why Do You Struggle to Fall Asleep?

As I was working with a client today it became abundantly clear that most of the issues with sleep have so little to do with going to bed and falling asleep and more to do with how we live our day-to-day life. we live in a world where it is expected of us to be able...

Can’t Sleep During COVID; Three Reasons Why

As I work with people who are having difficult sleep and are suffering from insomnia,  there are three big issues that I see repeatedly while we are living through these unprecedented times.  We are all experiencing changes during these times, we are working at home,...

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