Today I was talking to a client, and she was saying that she is not sleeping well because she just did not feel she had enough energy to do anything. She worked but her focus was a little off. She had found that the only thing that she did for herself was to watch television at night. Even the little things like walking her dog did not bring her pleasure.

When we dug into this, she realized that she put everything before her own time. By the time the house was cleaned, the kids were taken care of, her work was done, and the bills were paid there was no time left for herself.

We dug a little deeper and found that she would plan on doing things for herself but then she would see something else and off she would pop to do that instead of taking a walk, or reading a book, or taking time to do a little facial care.

By the end of the day, she had no energy to give to herself and so she would disconnect by turning on the television to an old sitcom and zone out. But that really was not as she really wanted.

We discussed the next steps and came up with the idea of putting her time on her schedule just two days a week. These were not long periods of time either. One weekday was just 15 minutes. On the weekend we bumped it up to an hour.
We also looked at how she was using her time and ways we might be able to streamline the activities so she could see that she had the time to take for herself.

Two weeks later and she is feeling like she has some of her old energy back.

Where can you add yourself to your schedule to recharge and feel refreshed?


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