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Amy Korn-Reavis is a highly respected Sleep Specialist Coach and renowned sleep expert. With a passion for transforming lives through better sleep, Amy has gained recognition for her expertise and insights in the field. Her contributions have been featured on numerous reputable platforms, establishing her as a trusted authority in the industry.

As an accomplished Sleep Specialist Coach, Amy offers personalized one-on-one and group coaching to empower individuals in achieving optimal rest and improved overall well-being. With a deep understanding of sleep architecture and proper sleep hygiene, Amy guides her clients in creating effective routines, developing better bedtime and morning habits, and implementing essential boundaries and self-care practices.

Amy’s expertise extends beyond coaching. She has been sought after as a sleep expert by various media outlets and publications. Her insights have been featured on The Health Coach Group, where she was interviewed for their blog and appeared as a guest on their podcast. She has also contributed her knowledge to Deeper Motivation, discussing the powerful connection between quality sleep and a better life.

Recognized as an authority in the field, Amy has been a trusted resource for Betterup, providing sleep coaching services to their clients. She has shared her expertise on segmented sleep on Betterup’s blog, highlighting her ability to address diverse sleep-related topics with precision and clarity.

Amy’s profound understanding of the impact of sleep on workplace productivity and well-being has been featured on HR News. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining good sleep hygiene in the workplace, providing valuable insights to employers and employees alike.

In addition to her contributions as a sleep expert, Amy has collaborated with Sit and Sleep, offering expert tips on sleep improvement in a blog post on their website. Her knowledge and advice have also been sought after by The Zoe Report, Tom’s Guide, and Mind Body Green, where she has shared her insights on various sleep-related topics, ranging from choosing the right mattress to overcoming sleep challenges.

With her extensive experience and commitment to helping individuals achieve better sleep, Amy Korn-Reavis has become a trusted advisor in the field. Her expertise has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and organizations seeking reliable guidance for improving sleep quality and overall well-being.

Whether you’re looking for personalized sleep coaching, seeking expert advice on sleep-related matters, or aiming to transform your life through better sleep, Amy Korn-Reavis is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Experience the transformative power of better sleep with Amy as your guide and witness the positive impact it can have on your life.


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