The struggle to turn off the television is real. Today while I was talking to a client, he was telling me how he felt bad that they were talking about his ability to choose bedtime over television time. I reminded him that this is part of changing your bedtime routine, but I also asked him what bedtime was like when he was younger.

I am sure he understands in his head that he wants to sleep, but changing behavior, such as watching tv, is harder than just knowing you need to change.

I am a true believer in making small changes and celebrating your wins. It is the all or nothing mindset that can keep you from achieving the goal of getting a good night’s sleep.

What if you made one small change this week and celebrated every time you did it? If your goal is to turn off the television but 10:30pm and you, do it make sure you give yourself that gold star. If your goal this week is to do it two times, then when you do achieve that goal celebrate that accomplishment. It will make it easier for you next week.

You can make the changes you want. You just need to be gentle with yourself.

How do you celebrate your successes?


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