I walked into Sam’s Club and there it was, the dreaded Christmas supplies. Which also means it is the 4th quarter. This means that we have end of the year, family arrangements, planning for next year, and the list of To-Do’s goes on and on.

This is the time where time management becomes an important part of the day. We do not usually think of time management as part of sleep. The problem is that all these problems keep you from turning off the hamster wheel in your mind so you can fall asleep, or it wakes you up in the middle of the night with ideas of how to solve all the problems. I call this the hamster wheel.

The best way to deal with it is to create a relaxing bedtime routine that helps you let go of those thoughts. Journaling it out on paper helps to let your brain know it is okay to let it go. Doing a breathing exercise, or meditation can also help you to relax and let those thoughts go.

It does not take a lot to help to make your sleep more refreshing. It takes a little bit of planning and a little bit of support.


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