This week it worked with two different clients who approached their sleep differently. One client wanted to sleep better but did not want to work on stress, time management, give up scrolling, or any other changes. The other client was open to making a small change but did not want to be overwhelmed.

Sleep is about what happens during the day. It is not a Band-Aid, a quick fix, or supplement that will make you sleep. It is about the small changes you make every day that helps you be more balanced so you can sleep at night.

This week the small change may be how do I manage my time more effectively, so I am not working until 11pm. Next week we may focus on how to reduce your stress, so you are not taking it to bed with you.

If you want to sleep better and are willing to make small changes, we should talk. Take a moment and sign up for a 15 minute chat. I will not sell you anything and you will leave with one good idea to help you sleep better.


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