A recent study showed that mindfulness and meditation can help reduce anxiety and help control blood sugar as well as certain medications. What is this study really saying about your life. That when we learn to take time for ourselves to destress and take care of ourselves, we have better health.
I know it is hard to find the time to destress. In the study they talked about meditating for 45 minutes. This amount of time can be difficult to find due to our work, family and personal responsibilities.
We can, however, create small habits that will help us decrease our stress and reduce our anxiety.
You can try
โ€ข Taking a 5-10 minute walk
โ€ข Take two minutes to do some box breathing
โ€ข Try to do some neck and shoulder stretches
โ€ข Use your 5 senses to examine an object such as a Hersheyโ€™s kiss
All of these are simple to do and will help you to relax. Over time when you start practicing stress reduction and mindfulness it will become easier to find the time to do it and you may even extend the time you take.
If you are interested in the research article here is the link. https://reference.medscape.com/viewarticle/984312


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