A recent study of women found that about 50% of the women in the study had sleep apnea.  Other studies show that even mild sleep apnea has a more significant effect on a woman’s health.  Yet women are not having sleep studies and worry less about their sleep than men.

If you want to keep your health and you want to get more done pay attention to the symptoms.  That mental fog that you may be experiencing could be because you are sleep deprived.  The same is true with morning headaches.  Sleep deprivation and the changes in oxygen levels throughout the night can cause you to have issues with your memory as well.  We all know someone who is constantly misplacing their keys or forgetting appointments.  Maybe it is because they are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

Our hormones also affect our sleep.  The changes in our hormones throughout the month can cause changes in our body rhythms and our body temperature.  This can cause temporary insomnia or difficulty maintaining sleep.  There are some solutions to this including keeping the room cooler or take a warm shower before bed.  This will help you feel cooler and your body to know it is time to sleep.

If you are feeling anxious, nervous or moody it could be that you are feeling sleep deprived.  We tend to not get enough sleep.  This leads to less of an ability to control emotions.  It also can lead to eating more because the part of our brain that says we are full is slower to react.  If you do not plan for your 7-8 hours sleep each night than maybe consider taking a 20 minute nap in the afternoon.  This will help your to refresh your mind so you can feel clear headed. 

Women also tend to have issues with limb movement and cramping.  This could be due to hormones, anemia or low levels of vitamins.  It can also be contributed to sleep apnea if there are significant awakenings and decreases in oxygen. 

As women we have a great deal of responsibility to take care of the family and our jobs.  We tend to put ourselves last.  Taking care of our health and our sleep actually makes us a great role model for our family and allows us to have the energy we need to get it all done.


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