When I ask this question of clients, they usually say they had not thought to do that or there is not time for that because I have so much to do. The fact is that you need to RECHARGE to have the energy to take care of all your responsibilities. Now the question is what activities would help you to recharge.
Start by asking yourself
• What activity did you remember enjoying when you were younger?
• Do I have more energy when I am with a group of people or when I am alone?
• Is there a place that brings me peace or joy?
Once you have thought about this then you need to decide what one of two activities you can plan into your week.
These activities do not have to be long or complicated. It can be as simple as sitting in the back yard and communing with nature, or gardening, or taking a walk, or meeting a friend for coffee. It can be something you have wanted to learn and creating short periods of time to work toward the new skill.
When you add it to your calendar, it should become one of your non-negotiable times. Your need to recharge is as important as anything else you have put on your calenda.
One of my clients started by adding gardening 15 minutes twice a week in the evening and going for a walk in one of the parks for at least 30 minutes on Saturday. When she added this to her weekly routine not only did, she find that she had more energy during the week but that her focus on her work and her home responsibilities increased dramatically. The goal is not to make this change become another item to check off on her to do list but to see this as a time for her to give herself what her mind and body needs to be her best self.
What are you going to add to your calendar to help you recharge? Share below so I can cheer you on as you make this simple change.


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