This has been a big year in sleep.  The research and knowledge the public has about the importance of sleep has been mind boggling.  I have been amazed at the new ideas shared and the growth of new ideas in therapy.

The connection to sleep deprivation and sleep apnea as an independent contributor to diseases from aging to cancer to diabetes to heart disease and glaucoma has really brought to light that sleep is essential.  Some of the connections have to do with the continual decrease in oxygen caused by sleep apnea.  Sleep deprivation has contributed to memory issues, and other issues of brain disease.

The use of therapies for sleep apnea and sleep deprivation have improved and take into account changes in lifestyle.  The use of weight loss, cognitive behavioral therapy and oral appliances to treat mild apnea and PAP intolerance has improved and become more widely available.  The idea that using more than one therapy to treat a person is something that really has helped to look more holistically at sleep disorders.

Some of the research also found that we are constantly walking around sleep deprived.  Our teens and young adults are so plugged in that they are texting in their sleep.  We have done a poor job of associating sleep with good grades and productivity to our young adults. 

But to me the most exciting thing is the number of sites out there to educate people about sleep.  Doctors, technologist and therapists have been working on changing the average American’s view of sleep and its role in our health. 

If we can continue to make sleep a priority and understand how much healthier we will be if we get a good night sleep we will have a great New Year. 


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