_ As we go through out review of the past year and look forward to our next year it is important that the time we take to review and pledge to move forward we considers all aspects of our lives. If we do not create a life that is balanced we cannot be optimally healthy. There are several steps you can take to make goals more successful when you are planning how to balance them.

Your health should always be your priority. You cannot be successful in other areas of your life if you do not care for yourself. If you find that you have more chores than hours of the day you need to prioritize. You should always write them down whether it is on your smartphone, on paper or on your computer. You will have emergencies arise but if you plan for things like exercise, meal preparation and your yearly physical than you are more likely to to accomplish them. The same is true of your sleep time. If you plan for bedtime than you are more likely to go to bed in a timely manner.

With bedtime in mind you might want to consider adding 10 minutes of stretching or yoga to help you to relax. Giving yourself time to unwind that is not electrical in nature will help you to go to sleep easier. The light from television, your cell phone or your computer can be too stimulating to your brain and keep you from going to sleep. The proper amount if sleep will help you be healthier, think clearer and lose weight of that is one of your goals.

Take time to pack your meals. Eating healthy is difficult but if you take a little time to pack your breakfast and lunch you will find you will eat healthier and feel better. In the morning if you do not have the time to eat a full meal consider a meal replacement shake. Having your breakfast will help you to not be so hungry at night. This is especially important for those with acid reflux, hiatal hernias or GERD because you really should not eat right before bed.

Plan your exercise time in advance. If you are not a morning person do not plan to get up early to exercise because you are setting yourself up for failure. If however you know you work late every night than plan to get up a little earlier and go for a walk or do a video. The nice think about videos is that no one else will see how uncoordinated you are.

Take time to connect to your friends and family. People who are connected are less stressed. When you have less stress you are less likely to suffer from insomnia. If you do have insomnia issues behavioral changes have been found to be more successful than medications for long term treatment.

Looking forward to the new year we need to find the balance between work, family and taking care of ourselves. It is not an easy goal but with a little planning you can put your health at the top of your list. As it is said when you feel good those around you feel good.


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