It is summer and we love to relax on the weekends.  It is a great thing but keep in mind that a nap is good any day and time of the year if used correctly.  You can appreciate those lazy days and that nap you can take to recharge yourself for the rest of the day or it could make you feel tired and draggy for the rest of the day.

You can use a nap to recharge your batteries. There are a few rules about how to best take a nap

1.       A nap should be approximately 20 minutes long.  This allows you to get rest and reboot your brain, moving short term memories to long term memories.  It gives you bod that chance to get a little recovery time.

2.       Listen to your body’s clock to decide when you are going to take your nap.  Your body temperature drops during the afternoon around 3 pm.  That is the perfect time to take your nap as it is what your body is programed to do. 

3.       Your nap should be in your bed with the lights, television and electronics off just like when you are going to bed.

4.       Even if you do not think you are sleeping you may be.  The lightest stage of sleep, called N1 sleep, still allows you to recharge.

5.       If you have insomnia a nap is not your best choice.  Napping when you have insomnia will just aggravate the problem.

The quick nap will recharge you so the second half of your day will be more energetic.  It can allow you to reboot your brain and allow your body to recharge so you can achieve more. 


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