It’s a New Year and we have all heard many make Resolutions and Goals and Wishes and Dreams.  But really when it comes right down to it the reason for them is because 1/1 is the time of a new start.  It just says we can move past and let go of the old and start something new because today is day 1.  The problem is that we have to deal with the issues of days 2, 3, 4….. and we lose site of the plan.  Or worse we have too many expectations and overwhelm ourselves so we end up letting go of everything.  Why not just focus on one things.  Make sure it is something that is attainable (remember we need to make it SMART so we can measure our progress), something that allows us to enjoy the journey and something that will let us meet our needs and not the needs of everyone around us.
If this is to get healthy then that is just too vague and if it is to lose weight that is just average.  You need something that is going to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone.  It has be something that inspires you.  Something at that has steps to it.  “I want to be able to do entire Zumba video without stopping, modifying or being embarrassed so I will feel more comfortable taking a group class.”  This is measurable.  It is a 60 minute video that I know I want to accomplish.  It puts me outside my comfort zone because it gives me a goal to do a group class, something I always feel awkward doing, and it is something I want to do because I tend to isolate so it puts me in a social situation. 
When you choose to focus it does not have to be something that will take all year but it should be something that will take effort.  As you walk this journey or in my case dance this journey you need to assess how you are doing along the way.  This way you can adjust your goal.  Let’s say I am working toward this goal and find that I reached it but I really do not enjoy the classes then I need to find something I do enjoy like maybe spinning or something that has nothing to do with fitness like a speaking group or improv class that may give me the social interaction I desire but is building on my self-esteem instead of my appearance. 

  • In the end what it comes down to is to make the list short or just one area to focus on.
  • Find something that speaks to you and your soul.
  • Create it using smart goals
  • Reassess as needed but do not quit.  Just adjust it to make it match your passion
  • Ask for help as needed because you are never alone.   You just do not always know where your next mentor is coming from.


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