_ We all want to change. Whether it is changing your sleep habits, getting used to your CPAP or losing weight or adding a healthy sleep routine to your life. The problem many face is that if you are trying to change those who are closest to you may not be as supportive as you hope or need.

When you change the changes can be threatening to those who you life with. This is especially if you are changing something that they do not want to change themselves. People like what they know and what they are used to but when you change it makes it necessary for them to either change themselves or to keep you from changing.

If this is your issue than sitting down with the person and discussing this issue may help. If it does not than it might be best to look for support outside your immediate family. You should take advantage of the many resources at your disposal.

  • Internet- There are some great resources on the internet for support no matter what your goal is. You should not have to pay for it. For information and support on CPAP you can go to cpaptalk.com or sleepguide.com. For weight loss sparkpeople.com is a great resource for support with other people going through the same thing as you.

  • Local Support Groups- A.W.A.K.E. Groups are throughout the country and can be a great place to meet other people who are trying to get used to CPAP therapy and may give you some ideas you never thought of.

  • Your Sleep Lab or Sleep Physician-These are the people who work with CPAPs every day and are there to help you be successful over the long term. Call them and ask your questions. If they do not have the answers they will know who does.

  • Your Medical Equipment Company-Again they work with the equipment every day and they understand when you are having problems and can give you advice on what to do next if you are having problems.

Support is essential to success in any goal you set. Look for and ask for help. You never know where you will get it if you do not ask. The final goal is for you to make a change with as little stress to you and your loved ones as possible.


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