The new Respironics TrueBlue mask

One of the biggest issues people have with CPAP is that if they sleep in any position other than on their back the mask slips, slides, leaks or honks.  The goal is for you to be able to use your CPAP every night and for you to get a restful night sleep.   The solution comes in several little changes and maybe one big change.

  •        Make sure you are not over tightening or under tightening your mask.  The newer masks are designed to be put on with the machine on so that the mask makes an air cushion against your face.  This will allow the mask to shift slightly when you move,
  •      Look at your pillow.  Sometimes it pays to invest in a good pillow.  There are several companies online who sell pillows designed specifically for use with your mask.  Contourliving.com has two pillows that are designed with cutouts indentations your mask will fit into when you roll over.  It also gives you support on your neck and head.  These are latex foam.  Papillow.com has created a more traditional pillow that is shaped so the neck support is wider than the rest of the pillow so the mask fits and does not shift.  They also offer a travel size pillow.
  •      A hose support might help.  Sometimes it is not the mask that causes the mask to shift.  Depending where you have your machine you might consider using something to support the hose so it does not move around quite so much.
  •    Get a leak cushion. There are several brands of gel cushions that fit over your nose and help to make a better seal.  If you have a narrow bridge to your nose this may help.  It also may help if you tend to wake up with a sore bridge to your nose. 
  •    Change your mask.  If all else fails you may not have the best mask for you.  Respironics has an interesting new mask called the True Blue nasal mask.  It is a unique design that will adjust without shifting on the face.  The Resmed Mirage FX and Swift FX have low profiles and because of the soft texture that allows it to adjust to your movements.

No matter what the most important thing you need to do is find a way to make your PAP therapy work for you.  The doctor who ordered the machine and the technicians who tested you and set up the machine are your best resources; you just have to ask the questions.


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