Do you know what the best way to put your new baby to bed.  There is a great deal of advice out there and more than a few schools of thought.  The most important issues is to keep your baby safe when they sleep.

The bed should be comfortable and a safe protective place.  This is one area you should never skimp on price.  A firm supportive mattress is essential.  Remember you newborn can not really move positions if they accidentally turns his or her face into the mattress.  That is why it needs to be firm and not conform to the shape of the child. 

That is also the reason you should not have soft toys, pillow or fluffy blankets in their crib.  We want to make sure they never have issue with something covering their nose.  
The best position is on their back.  this allows their head to be in the best position to breath.  

If you do want your baby to sleep in your room a bassinet would be an excellent choice.  Co-sleeping with a baby is not the safest choice for your little one.  Adult beds are too soft, the blankets are too big and when we are asleep and snuggling our babies we could accidentally hurt our babies. 

We always want what is best for our babies and sleep is essential for their brain development.  We just need to make sure that we protect them from possible injury or crib death.  


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