Yes you got it the cold and flu season is upon us. And after spending the last two years staying away from people and wearing masks we may have forgotten how to deal with the common cold.

The worst part of a cold is the difficulty breathing through your nose and the constant drip that tickles your throat.

What can you do to help

There are lots of studies out there about what helps with improving the symptoms of a cold.
Chicken soup, preferably homemade, has been shown to not only help us feel better but also helps with decreasing inflammation. That is why it is always turned to when we are sick.

Zinc supplements have been shown to reduce the time we will have a cold by about two days. If you would rather go natural here are some foods that are rich in zinc:
• Meat
• Legumes like chickpeas (think hummus) and lentils
• Seed such as pumpkin and sesame
• Cashews
• Milk
• Eggs

Tea with honey also helps to soothe your throat so you can relax and have a few minutes without the annoying tickle.

Remember that a cold only lasts about 10 days and that if you have a fever or have overall body aches you should talk to your doctor to make sure you do not have the flu.

If you would like my grandma’s recipe for chicken soup, please do not hesitate to message me. I make it all the time when my family gets sick.


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