You have experienced it more times than you care to admit.  Maybe you could not fall asleep, or maybe you woke up and wandered to the bathroom, got back into bed, and then your mind would not turn off so you can get back to sleep.  You have tried it all but no matter what you have tried it did not seem to work.

There are a few quick tips to help you get back to sleep;

  • Get out of bed if you have been awake for longer than 30 minutes.  Staying in bed is stressful and will not help you return to sleep
  • If your mind is fixating on an idea of task write out what you are thinking about.  But do not write who sentances, write bullet points.  Then tell yourself that it is okay to let it go until tomorrow.
  • Repeat your sleep routine before getting back in bed.  Your brain likes to do the same thing over again and will want you to repeat what works at your bedtime.
  • Extra credit tip: Get sunshine first thing in the morning.  It will help set your internal clock so it is easier to fall asleep at night.

Insomnia is a frustrating problem that everyone experiences at one time or another, so you are not alone.  When you take this issues one step at a time it can be corrected so you get a good night sleep and have energy all day.


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