I had the epiphany that my health has been and always will be in my hands.  This realization brought me to an understanding that no amount of support from the outside will allow me to change the way I need to to become healthy and energetic.  There is no one but myself how is there to inspire me.  I do need role models and mentors of which I do have some of the former and have yet to find the latter. 

I bring this up because I have the opportunity to work this week with a young lady who had her child’s life disrupted and she needed a little support to do what she already know needed to be done but was not sure how to best achieve her goal of her child sleeping through the night. 

We has two lovely talks about what was going on and I made some suggestion of what might work for her child in changing her disrupted sleep routine.  She did start with some of my ideas and the child showed improvement and I gave her a couple more suggestions I have hoped has helped. 

The take away is that she is a very dedicated mother.  That we do not have mentors and support systems in place  anymore to help young mothers, and that I can think of nothing better than to share my knowledge with this young woman in helping her to get a good night sleep. 

In my case I am looking for the weight loss mentor.  I have role models and the one who currently I can see as where I want to be is Mark Bittman.  His idea that we do not eat enough who food, fruits and veggies is true.  He believes you need to simply make the decision to be healthy and that the goal is not weight loss but to be healthy.  I also read a great deal from Jamie Wicks of Peertrainer.com and  JJ Virgin.  He devotion to her family is amazing. 

So what does this have to do with sleep?  Well I had the opportunity to mentor and truly enjoy it but a great mentor will have their own mentor to move forward on their own issues.  I do have a spititual and business mentor named Dwight Bain who has changed my life but I believe I need a person who can mentor me to become the body I know I should have. 

Now I want to offer to mentor you of you feel the need to change a small part of your life.  I will help those who want to sleep better, help their children sleep better or who want to know how to blog.  I have received so much from you my followers I want to give it back while I search for my new mentor.


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