Last night I was still up at 2:00am. I am dealing with elevated levels of stress and there are times where the stress gets the best of me. Even so I am doing what I can today to make sure that I can get past this and be able to sleep better tonight.

My first goal is to get sunshine this morning and a plan to get some this afternoon to increase my energy levels.

I am going to make sure I am hydrated. Sometimes during the sweltering summer, I do not get enough water and that will keep me up at night because I will get leg cramps. So, water is my friend.

Finally, I need to handle the stress. For me, journaling is a terrific way of getting clear about what I am stressed over. I am also going to add some mindful meditation. Sometimes I use breathing techniques, sometimes I use progressive relaxation.

What do you do the day after you have a short night’s sleep?

me getting my sun


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