I was approached by Select Comfort, the people who created the sleep number bed, and was asked if I would evaluate their new sheets and in exchange they would give one of my readers a free set of sheets.  How can I say no to that?  So this is my first giveaway.  It is also a product review of something other than a CPAP mask.

I had to admit that I am all about comfort, especially when it comes to my bed.  I want soft sheets and a cool bed.  I want colors that help me to relax.  I also have to make sure that the bed is allergy free due to the men in my life have severe skin and nasal allergies. 

The sheets I received were ice blue in color and when I reviewed the information they said they were woven with silver which helps to control allergens.  I also went to my local store to find out more about the sheets.  This is part of a whole line designed to help people to sleep comfortably based on their needs.  They have a very inventive line of products.  My favorite product I saw there was the blanket that kept cool.  This is ideal for those of us who get hot at night.

I washed them several times and they stood up to the laundry very well.  They remained soft and kept their shape well. 

So now for your chance to have a new pair of these allergen resistant sheet,  in the comment section of this blog ask your sleep question or tell us one thing you do as part of your sleep routine.


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