It is a long day and sometimes you just need to just shut down and take time to reset your brain.  A nap can be a great thing if done right.  It allows you to consolidate your memories so you can have fresh perspective. 
As children, we are encouraged to take a nap so we can refresh ourselves and have energy and the ability to keep control during the second half of the day.  Sometimes as adults, we should remember how that we felt after that nap. 
There are certain things we do have to consider when we do nap.  A nap should only last about 20-40 minutes.  We do not want to reach REM sleep because then you will feel more tired and sluggish.  Make sure you set an alarm so that you will make when you want to wake. 
You need to make sure you are comfortable.  The light should be low to help you relax.  You also might want to have soft music or white noise to help you to focus and to drown out background noise.  Find a position that is comfortable for you for this short nap.
Aromatherapy may also be helpful because sent scan help your brain to focus and allow our minds to wander.  Scent is the sense attached to memory.  Use a scent attached to good memories then it will help to relax and drift.
Once the nap is over it is good to get up and move around and to get some sunlight to help you to wake and get alert and oriented.  Then enjoy the rest of the day.


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