Sleep problems during hot weather are very common and the fatigue that accompanies it makes sleep more important then ever.  However, if you can not make yourself comfortable then you will not get the rest you need to have the energy you want during the day.  So here are a few tips that might help you to feel great during the day and sleep well at night.

  • Remember to drink your water during the day.  It is very easy to get dehydrated and when you are dehydrated you are more likely to have a headache or body aches when you are getting ready for bed.  If you do not like water keep in mind that you want to limit your intake of caffeine as it can act like a diuretic and dehydrate you even further.  Herbal tea can be very refreshing and light especially mixed with a little honey to sweeten it, and don’t forget that lemon or lime aid are also fun choices for the summer.
  • Get up earlier so you can take advantage of the cool mornings.  We do not like to work or exercise when we are too hot.  So take advantage of the cooler morning weather to get your exercise done
  • Change your sheets to cotton rather then satin or non absorbent material.  This will be more comfortable if you sweat.   You might also want to consider what your pillow is made from.  Foam rubber pillows can be very hot.
  • Uncover your feet.  If your feet are hot you tend to feel hotter.  If you sleep with a sheet over you and you uncover your feet you are more likely to feel cooler during the night.
  • Open the window and the bedroom door to create a breeze.  If you do not have an air conditioner you want to take advantage of the cooler night weather and any breeze so creating a way to have a cross draft during the night might be helpful.  The exception to this is if you live in a loud area because the noise will keep you awake.
  • An inexpensive fan can help you by moving the air.  Even if the air is not cooler if it is moving you will feel more comfortable during the night.  Fans are an inexpensive way to keep the air moving.  Just keep in mind that they should be placed out of reach of children.
  • An ice pack on the back of you knees or a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck are great ways to cool your body.  If you choose to use an ice pack remember to wrap it in a towel as the ice can be very uncomfortable or irritate your skin.  An extra tip if you are woman who suffers hot flashes the cloth on your neck will help with that as well.
  • Take a cool shower before bed.  A cool shower helps you to feel better.  If you are feeling less sweaty and sticky before you fall asleep you are likely to stay asleep longer
  • Keep to your normal bed time.  Staying up later will confuse your body and its circadian rhythm.  It is important that we keep a normal schedule and routine so we have the best chance of getting a good night sleep.

 The summer can create some challenges when it comes to sleeping.  It is important if we want to take advantage of all the great weather that we take the time we need to get the sleep our body wants.


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