7 tips to a better nights sleep

Create an environment conducive to restful sleep. You’ll discover how small changes in your diet, lifestyle, and habits can make a big difference in how quickly you fall asleep and how you feel when you wake up. With this free report, you’ll be able to start sleeping better so that you can have more energy for your life, hobbies, and enjoy the day! Get ready for more restful sleep and greater enjoyment of your day!

“I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed.”

Create a calm environment; Declutter, choose comfortable bedding, keep the room cool and dark.

Thirty minutes before bed you should not use screens.

Do a brain dump before bed to help let go of stressful situation.

Take the time to do personal hygiene. It will help to make other changes easier.

Do a relaxation exercise. It does not have to be long or complex.

Consider using white noise to help make your room more peaceful.

Add something you enjoy to your bedtime routine. This could be listening to an audiobook, reading, listening to some music, or spending time doing something you enjoy such as building Legos, or doing a crossword puzzle.


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